Brian Kyle
Photography & Design

Resurrection, 2016
There is usually finality in death, the invisible wisp of a last breath leaving the lungs signifies the end of existence. The departure of that last breath takes vitality and spirit with it, quivering flesh and rippling muscle is replaced with stillness and atrophy. Life is held together by breath and yet we are visual people and worship the physical as much as the metaphysical. Photography has the ability to capture a moment in time and sometimes those moments aren’t truthful. A visual record of a moment in time has the power to temporarily resurrect the dead to living, it is fleeting and inauthentic but is nonetheless a powerful reminder of the vitality and exhilarating fragility of life.

Water Buffalo, 2016

Chital, 2016

Wild Boar, 2016

Tiger, 2016

Kudu, 2016

Muntjac, 2016

Polar Bear, 2016

Grizzly Bear, 2016

Moose, 2016

Sable Antelope, 2016